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We Introduce Ourselves, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified HDPE Sheets Manufacturer. The Company is dedicated towards the protection of Environment, by being one of The Leading HDPE Sheets Manufacturers in India and Installers of Wide-Width Durable HDPE Sheets / LDPE Geo-membrane. Apart from Indigenously Manufacturing Co-extruded multilayer HDPE / LDPE Geo-membrane Up To 3 mm Thickness, we also procure Geo-textiles and Other Geo-Synthetics from reputed Manufacturer Across the Globe, which enables us to provide “All-in-one”  the One-Stop Shop for your Geo-synthetic Needs.

Strengthened by our vast experience in the field backed by skilled workforce and state-of-the-art plant and machinery, we are successfully planning to meet the needs of our valued clients both in the country and globally. MACRO SHEET INDIA LIMITED aims to become a global leader in HDPE Sheets Manufacturer and geosynthetics for the environmental control and civil engineering markets. MACRO SHEET INDIA LIMITED is the Largest Geomembrane Sheet Manufacturers in India which lays emphasis on developing innovative products that are more reliable, robust, resistant to contaminants and cost-effective, even in developing countries.


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Major Industries where our products meet the specific demands


Waste Management

The main cause of the solid waste management is mostly because of improper collection and unethical disposal of waste. This is turning against the environment resulting into hazards like environmental degradation, water pollution, soil pollution and air pollution. No matter how advanced the solution is, without the minimum level of implementation, it will remain ineffective. So here comes the role of geomembrane, mainly high-density polyethylene, used as bottom-liner in landfills. Geomembranes act as barriers for liquids and landfill gas. It provides a technical as well as economic benefits when compared to traditional clay liners. The Geomembranes in bottom-liner in landfills creates a stability. It prevents the groundwater and also prevents precipitation, and a floating cover helps in the prevention of odour emissions. 


Water Management

Water separates our planet from everything we know about. While the global supply of available freshwater is more than enough to meet all current and near future water demands, its spatial and temporal distribution are not. There are many areas where our freshwater resources are insufficient to meet domestic, irrigation, economic development and environmental needs. Geomembrane liners offers sound solutions for water resource management with a range of products for lining and directing flow in a variety of applications. The main users of geomembrane lining practices are agriculture and aquaculture industries to ensure easy availability of water.



Mining is an inherently invasive process that can damage a landscape over an area much larger than the mining site. The effects of this damage can persist for years after the mine has been closed. Most modern mining techniques have high demands for water for extraction, processing and waste disposal. The wastewater from these processes can pollute nearby water sources and deplete the freshwater supply in the vicinity of the mine. Geomembrane liners have been used in the mining industry for some decades for lining solutions and evaporation ponds, tailings impoundments and heap leach pads. They have an important role as a barrier to separation.


Electric Power Plants

With increasing population, the demand for more electric power capacity increases, so there is a need for newer highly efficient generating stations and innovative ways of generating electricity from existing power plants. HDPE geomembrane as water proofing with excellent mechanical properties and high durability provides a cost-effective solution to reservoirs and dams as leak control and leak prevention.


Oil and Gas

The broader environmental issues facing the oil and gas exploration and production industry are manifested at both a local and global level. These include: habitat conservation and biodiversity, air emissions, marine and freshwater discharges, incidents and oil spills, and soil and groundwater pollution. The ongoing research for Geomembrane and development initiatives have played the important role in the development of these natural resources in at least four applications: pad liners, above-ground and underground secondary containment, impoundment and floating cover. As it is cost-effective and used as solution for clean up secondary containment and storage systems. They are also beneficial as an application for preventing the migration of groundwater or oil and gas from one area to another.



Geomembranes are used in a variety of constructions, most commonly as barriers to moisture and seepage. When it comes to road construction or building construction, HDPE geomembrane acts as a seepage barrier and water proofing membrane to reduce maintenance and control seepage to increase the life span of the structure.

Durable HDPE Sheets Manufacturer

Quality Durable HDPE Sheets Manufacturer

Macro Sheet India Limited Agency is a top-notch Durable HDPE Sheets Manufacturer in India. We offer HDPE Sheets that have high impact strength, moisture, stain, and odor resistance The primary aim of the company is to offer a quality product and timely supply of HDPE Sheets and other related products at economical rates.

Till date, we have distributed numerous Geomembrane Sheets for industrial as well as commercial use Liners for Aquaculture Ponds, Roads Construction, and Waste Landfills are among our highest-selling products. 

Apart from that we also offer Liner for Ash Storage Pond, Liner for Canal Lining, Liner for Dam Lining, Liner for Mining, Liner for Roads Construction and Bridges Construction, Waterproofing Sheet, and many more. Our team of experienced Geomembrane Sheet Manufacturers in India constantly improves the quality of the product in order to meet the needs of the customers.

We own a spacious manufacturing unit that is situated in Jaipur. The Industry is equipped with the most technologically advanced machines with the motive of producing cost-effective fabrication of products. The major industries where we sell our products are Mining, Water, Maritime, Nurseries, Agriculture, and Oil & Gas Industries. 

Many of our products are custom-made to meet the particular size requirement and thickness. The main advantage of choosing us as your Geomembrane Sheet Manufacturers in India is we ship most of our products on the very same day, and additionally, we provide customer assistance. 

Why Choose Our Durable HDPE Sheets?

Macro Sheet India Limited is the top-notch Geomembrane Sheet Manufacturers in India. The company manufactures, supplies, and installs a variety of Durable HDPE Sheets that are environmentally friendly. The only motto of our team is to maximize customer satisfaction by providing economical and quality products. Here are some other reasons to choose us as your HDPE Sheets Manufacturer in India.

Years of Experience

With years of experience in the industry of HDPE Sheets Manufacturer in India. We have built ourselves as the leading manufacturer and Supplier.

Professional Team

Our team consists of professionals, who are focused to deliver exceptional service and high customer satisfaction.

Tailor-Made Solutions

The primary step in our work is to understand the needs of customers and offer them tailor-made solutions that meet their expectations.

Our main motto is to produce quality and deliver excellence in customer satisfaction. We have accepted the challenge of making

Our planet "Earth" Greener, Pollution free and Healthy.

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MACRO SHEET INDIA LIMITED lays emphasis on developing innovative products that are more reliable, robust, resistant to contaminants and cost-effective, even in developing countries.

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