Liner for ETP Tanks

The Ultimate Solution for Biofloc Tanks

We bring you the ultimate solution of Liner for ETP Tanks that can be used to set up your entire fish tank, or water storage. Generally it is used for Fish Tanks because it ensures the sound resolution to your fish farming challenges. It is better than regular liners as it provides the quality yield.

One of the biggest reasons to Buy Macrosheet’s Liner for ETP Tanks is quality yield, as it is completely based on non-toxic environment. And it is just opposite of PVC or regular liners which are available in the market.

Liner for ETP Tanks

What is Liner for Biofloc Tanks?

Macrosheet’s Liner for Biofloc Tanks provides completely safe environment for fish farming and provide required support to generate greater yield. We are the largest manufacturer of Biofloc Liner, as we systematically manufacture it from non-toxic Bioflac material PE. The Material of our bioflac liner consists of 7 layers for the perfect long-lasting quality.

Here are some materials which we use to manufacture Our Liner for Biofloc Tanks:

These Materials ensures that the quality of Liner for Biofloc Tanks will meet your fishing requirements.

Specifications of HDPE Water Tank Waterproofing Sheet

We completely ensure the transparency because we believe that our customer should be aware of the product for which they are paying. So, we have given some most important specifications of our HDPE Water Tank Waterproofing Sheet:

So, Based on these Highlights and specifications you can buy Liner for ETP Tanks that meets your requirements and provides you better quality.

MACRO SHEET INDIA LIMITED lays emphasis on developing innovative products that are more reliable, robust, resistant to contaminants and cost-effective, even in developing countries.

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