The pollution of both surface water and ground water is increasing rapidly. We have solution for this

When it comes to lining solutions for the mining industry, Geomembrane Liner for Mining have a value-added role in the containment of liquids used during the process of mining. 

The Geomembrane Liners used in this industry prevent mine leachate seepage from entering groundwater. Geomembrane Liners for Mining are widely used in Primary and Secondary containment lining by managing mining by-products and waste and ensuring that the worst effects cannot be spread if leakage, loss or collapse occurs.

Macro HDPE Geomembranes for Mining are manufactured using state-of-the-art three-stage co-extrusion technology. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Geomembrane has exceptional chemical, stress crack and UV resistance. Macro HDPE Geomembrane has the durability and chemical compatibility to withstand aggressive mining pile leach solutions in piles and solution trenches.

Liner for Mining


Major Applications of Geomembranes for Mining Applications

Installation Process of Liner for Mining

The installation of Liner for Mining and Liner for Waste Landfill typically involves the following steps:

Site Preparation: Before installation of Geomembrane Liners for Mining, the site must be properly prepared. This may involve grading and leveling the surface, removing any debris, and compacting the soil to ensure a stable foundation.

Liner Fabrication: The material of Geomembranes for Mining is typically fabricated off-site and then transported to the mining site. The liner may be made from materials such as HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, or other synthetic materials.

Unrolling and Positioning: The liner is unrolled and positioned on the prepared surface. Ensuring that the liner is properly aligned and free from wrinkles, folds, or damage is important.

Anchoring: The liner must be anchored to the substrate to prevent it from shifting or slipping. This may involve using weights, ballast, or anchor trenches.

Seaming: The seams between individual sections of the liner must be properly sealed to prevent leaks. This is typically done using heat welding, adhesive bonding, or other methods.

Testing: Once the liner is installed, it is important to test it for leaks and other defects. This may involve using water or air pressure testing, visual inspection, or other methods.

Final Checks: After installation is complete, a final check must be performed to ensure that the liner is properly installed and functioning as intended.

Maintenance: Proper maintenance of the Geomembrane Liners for Mining is essential to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. This may involve regular inspections, cleaning, and repairs as needed.

Types of Liner for Mining


Geomembrane Liners for Mining often come in a compact size and are quick to install. Also, they are tended to be thinner gauge and economical.


The Macro Sheet India offers Geomembranes for Mining that usually come along with attractive UV warranties, and can be readily supplied and prefabricated into single sheet sizes up to, say, 2,000 m2 or more.


Long term Geomembrane Liners for Mining are chemical resistant, durable, has greater security, and also provide trouble-free services in harsh environments. We’ve lined tailing dams, leach pads, evaporation ponds, brine ponds, tank-farm bunds, contaminated material containment bunds, process-water dams; even a section of a diverted creek bed!

MACRO SHEET INDIA LIMITED lays emphasis on developing innovative products that are more reliable, robust, resistant to contaminants and cost-effective, even in developing countries.

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