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Dams are artificial structures that are used to store water. However, while constructing dams it is important to install Liner for Dam Lining system as it helps in preventing seepage. 

Apart from that, installing a geomembrane Liner for Dam Lining system on the upstream face of dams significantly reduces the pore pressure on the downstream face of the earthen dam. As the Membrane Liner is durable and cost-effective. 

The dams mainly provides: protection from floods, energy production and storage of water or other resources, such as mine tailings. So it is important that one should guarantee their functionality. Such critical infrastructure must possess a certain level of water tightness, and geomembranes play an important role in that by providing Liner for Dam Lining. 

As in concrete dams, the waterproofing is provided by the concrete itself. However, over time concrete loses its waterproofness due to the appearance of cracks, leaching and other deformations and hence it may require upstream facial treatment. 

MACRO HDPE Geomembrane Liners for Dam Lining is a type of high-density polyethylene waterproof geomembrane that provides an excellent solution for leakage prevention and is the ideal geotechnical material used for Dam Linings applications. 

MACRO HDPE Geomembrane with excellent mechanical properties and high durability provides a cost-effective solution to power generation stations reservoirs and Dam Lining for leakage control and leakage prevention.



Dam Lining Material and Installation of Liner for Dam Lining

The Liner for Dam Lining and Liner for Canal Lining is engineered from a manufactured thick Dam Lining Material that is consistent over the complete flooring of the dam. It ensures that is no water loss or wastage through seepage. The thickness, size, and quantity of exposure to UV rays of the material change. The expected life of the Liner for Dam Lining depends on the planning and nature of the base of the dam. 

The manufacturing step is as crucial as the installation, as it contains numerous key steps that should be followed. Beginning with the planning and discussion step with the team of Macro Sheet India Limited to site preparation to installation of the protective material layer of Geomembrane Liners for Dam Lining and ending with the finishing touches.


Features of Geomembrane Liners for Dam Lining

The Liner for Dam Lining plays a crucial role in protecting the soil between the ground and the garbage. It also prevents from sewage and garbage, as well as offering effective anti-seepage solutions from different industries.

Dam Liners Features:

  1. High anti-seepage properties Geomembrane Liners for Dam Lining has an anti-seepage effect that can not be compared with the general waterproof material. The ground surface can reduce the uneven settlement of the base surface, and the water vapor permeability coefficient is high.
  2. Excellent chemical stability: The impermeable membrane exhibits exceptional chemical stability, making it suitable for use in sewage treatment, chemical reaction pools, and landfills. It resists corrosion from various strong acids, alkalis, and other chemical substances.
  3. Outstanding aging resistance: The Liner for Dam Lining possesses remarkable resistance to aging, UV rays, and decomposition. Additionally, it ensures a service life of 50–70 years and provides reliable environmental protection.
  4. Root resistance: The HDPE Liner for Dam Lining effectively resists the penetration of plant roots, thanks to its excellent puncture resistance.
  5. High mechanical strength: The impermeable membrane demonstrates impressive mechanical strength, with a tensile strength at a break of 28MPa and elongation at a break of 700%.
  6. Cost-effective solution: The HDPE Geomembrane offers enhanced anti-seepage performance at a lower cost compared to traditional waterproof materials, resulting in approximately 50% cost savings.
  7. Efficient construction: The flexible Geomembrane Liner for Dam Lining is available in various specifications and installation methods to meet the unique anti-seepage requirements of different projects. The use of hot-melt welding along with the high weld strength ensures strong and expedient construction.
  8. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: The materials used in the Liner for Dam Lining are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The anti-seepage process involves ordinary physical changes, without the release of harmful substances, making it a safe choice for environmental protection, breeding, and drinking water applications.

Application for Geomembrane Liner for Dam Lining

The Liner for Concrete Dams acts as waterproofing in the numerous categories of dams like जवाई बांध. Geomembrane Liners for Dam Lining is one of the most suitable waterproofing technology for dams as the water is placed on the top of the liner system. 

The Geomembrane Liner for Dam Lining are for all types of use as the components have small volumes and are lightweight, and also the installation doesn’t need heavy equipment, which also means no large areas are required for site organization. Along with this, one can easily identify the damage in the Liner and repair it. 

The Geomembrane Liners for Dam Lining can be installed anywhere as long as the sub grade is a dry, smooth surface with no bulges. Along with that, the installation is also quick and can be carried out in almost any weather condition, the project can be completed, and the site will be restored to its foreseen final condition. Below-mentioned are some of the applications of Geomembrane Liners for Dam Lining:

  • Dam and pond liners
  • Floating Covers
  • Turkey Nests
  • Tailing Dams & Leach Pads
  • Evaporation Ponds
  • Secondary Containment Barriers
  • Water reservoirs
  • Canal/ Channel liners for irrigation
  • Tank liners for concrete tanks
  • Landfill cells and caps
  • Wash down bays
  • Rain Garden Beds
  • Underground tanks

MACRO SHEET INDIA LIMITED lays emphasis on developing innovative products that are more reliable, robust, resistant to contaminants and cost-effective, even in developing countries.

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