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According to ASTM, a geomembrane Liner for Roads Construction and Liner for Bridges Construction is defined as an essentially impermeable membrane used with foundation, soil, rock, earth or any other geotechnical engineering-related material as an integral part of a human-made project, structure, or system. A geomembrane plays a huge role in road, bridge, building construction and many other civil construction projects. Geomembrane acts as water proofing & moisture barrier Liner for Roads & Bridges Construction.

Liner for Roads Construction


Application of Liner for Building Construction

The Liner for Building Construction has many applications that are available for every construction industry. Starting From roads to buildings, contaminated sediments to stormwater retention, Macro Sheet India Limited helps in designing, delivering, and implementing the requirements of the geomembrane lining for all construction projects.

  • LIQUID BARRIERS: By installing Geomembrane Liner for Building Construction all around the building’s base can help mitigate water infiltration. In addition to that, it also protects from mold, mildew, and structural damage.
  • GAS | VAPOR BARRIERS: In some countries, methane and radon gas migrate through the floor into commercial and residential buildings. Airing to these harmful gases can be reduced by installing liner for Building Construction above or below a building’s concrete foundation, which results in sealing it from the surrounding vapor.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL BARRIERS: The use of HDPE sheets can shed water from an area until all pollutants are removed and safely transferred offsite to protect against further environmental impacts.
  • Subgrade Stabilization: The Liner for Roads Construction can be used to stabilize the subgrade by preventing the migration of fine particles. It reduces the risk of settlement and unevenness in the road surface.
  • Erosion Control: The Liner for Roads & Bridges Construction can be utilized in areas prone to erosion, such as embankments and slopes. To prevent soil erosion and maintain the stability of the road structure.
  • Moisture Barrier: Liners act as a moisture barrier, preventing water infiltration into the road layers, which helps in maintaining the structural integrity of the road and preventing damage caused by water.
  • Separation Layer: Liners can be used as a separation layer between different road layers, preventing mixing and enhancing the performance and longevity of the road.
  • Containment of Hazardous Materials: In cases where roads are constructed for the transportation of hazardous materials, liners can be employed to contain any potential spills or leaks, preventing environmental contamination.





The Operations of Liner for Roads & Bridges Construction

The operations of Liner for Roads Construction is defined by four discrete functions such as separation, filtration, drainage, and reinforcement. Depending on the application, the Liner for Bridge Construction can perform one or more of these functions simultaneously.

Separation: The flexible porous Liner for Roads & Bridges Construction is placed between the two different materials so that the integrity and function of both materials can stay intact and be improved. During the transportation of the application, separation means the role of the liner in protecting from intermixing of two soils.  

Filtration: The equilibrium geotextile-to-soil system that allows for adequate liquid flow with limited soil loss across the plane of the geotextile liner over a service lifetime compatible with the application under consideration. To perform this function, the HDPE liner needs to satisfy two conflicting needs. The filter’s pore size must be small enough to retain fine soil particles, while the geotextile material should permit a relatively unimpeded flow of water into the drainage media. A common application elaborating the filtration function is the use of a geomembrane in a pavement edge drain.

Drainage (Transmissivity): This means that the capability of the thick Liner for Bridge Construction which is having a three-dimensional structure offers an avenue for the water flow through the plane of the geotextile liner.

Reinforcement: This is the synergistic improvement in the total strength which is created by the introduction of Liner for Building Construction, mainly due to three mechanisms: the first is with the lateral restraint through interfacial friction created. Second, it forces the potential bearing surface failure plane to develop at an alternate, higher shear strength surface. And the last mechanism is, the type of membrane to support the wheel loads.

Liner for Roads Construction

Macro HDPE Sheets play a crucial role in road construction by maintaining the longevity of roads and improving the drainage system. They separate the aggregate from the finer soil below, preventing sub-grade movement and ensuring smooth and efficient journeys. 

In concrete roads, bridges, and slabs, the Liner for Roads Construction acts as a barrier between the soil and concrete. It prevents the wastage of cement sludge and enhances the structural integrity. 

By providing a protective layer, these sheets help strengthen the roadways and contribute to their long-term durability. Macro HDPE Sheets are essential components in road construction, ensuring the stability, drainage, and overall performance of road systems.

MACRO SHEET INDIA LIMITED lays emphasis on developing innovative products that are more reliable, robust, resistant to contaminants and cost-effective, even in developing countries.

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